Thursday, 19 July 2012

Quick Take: Critic Gets Death Threats For Not Liking "The Dark Knight Rises."

The Dark Knight Rises has just gained its first accomplishment. It is the first movie to have its comment section suspended on Rotten Tomatoes due to death threats towards a critic. And the movie hasn't even opened yet.

Marshall Fine of the movie blog "Hollywood and Fine" gave the first negative review of the much anticipated superhero movie. He then, in the next 10 minutes, received 200 replies from angry fans of the movie. Some were of course meant to be taken as slight jabs merely hinting at the backlash he might get. Other commenters however, were not so nice. The site at first started deleting these hateful comments, however it eventually got so jammed (it closed in on 1000 replies by Wednesday afternoon) that the site just decided to suspend the comment section completely.

I understand the circumstances that this movie has for some people and it's interesting to see that a lot of the internet crowd has a good grip on reality. But for the ones that don't I'd like to quote Alfred Hitchcock in saying "it's only a movie."

The rating a movie gets on a site does not and should not effect how you personally feel about the movie. We sadly live in an age that if your film does not receive the rating you think it should get by even a single critic, you either feel betrayed or, worse, your opinion may be wrong about the movie. What makes this even worse is that most of the commenters haven't even seen the movie yet.

Some critics are not going to like this movie. Quite a few people are most likely not going to enjoy this movie. For whatever reason. It doesn't matter. Everyone has an opinion and they should be shared, not attacked for not being exactly like yours. Or else, what's the point of creating art at all if just to make everyone happy?

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