Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Shot 4 Shot Podcast

The long awaited Shot 4 Shot podcast is up and running...finally.

The hosts, Ryan and Brandon, will be talking all things film and television (if it's on a screen, they will analyze and critique it) while eventually rotating through a number of guests as the third person. Each podcast may have a different topic, varying in how the hosts engage in the material, but the real treat is the one almighty twist: alcohol.

Every episode is marked by a different alcoholic drink that somehow relates to the film/show they're discussing. For example, in the Scarface episode, Ryan and Brandon drink Liquid Cocaine (and you can just imagine the effect). Don't get me wrong, though, these guys know what they're talking about. You'll learn more than just what drinks they like.

It's a casual show that is nothing more than a few friends getting together and hammering out the reasons why we all love movies so much - while getting hammered (of course).

I highly recommend it.

Slurred speech awaits you - check out the link: http://www.shot4shot.ca/

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